Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Hard Road

Politicians need to start making the hard decisions... you know, the decisions that people hate them for now but 20 years down the road everyone will look back and say: "Wow, it's a good thing president Obama did that or we never would have pulled out of that recession!"

Up to now, they've been trying to please their constituents. What are the latest poll numbers? CompanyX will contribute to my campaign if I get this bill passed. Well if they don't stop that stuff soon, the country will fall apart around us all and no one will have anything.

Not everything happens instantly

We've gotten used to our instant gratification society. When things don't get fixed instantly, we complain about it even if it means that in ten more minutes your MP3 will finish downloading rather than the 15 seconds it takes on the network at work. So it's no wonder that we give up on things before we should, and poll numbers are going to drop like stones if a strategy doesn't pan out instantly. This is why our politicians need to tighten thier belts, set themselves in a "ready" stance and just do what NEEDS to be done.

People don't know what they need

People know what they want, sure, I want a new car, I want that new movie, I wnat, I want, I want. Eliot Spitzer wanted to get laid, and look how that worked out for him. Too many poloticians are worried about getting what they want, and not what our country NEEDS. Their wasting our time and money propping up these banks and large companies with a Bail-out. Why? Might it not be good if they go bankrupt? Might it not be good if they go down in flames? If they can just get away with poor planning and bad decisions this time, what's to stop them again next time.

Mr Pres...

Mr Obama, if you or your staff reads this, our economy has been propped-up for a long time now, and the reason we're in this pickle is because it IS propped up. It's a system of balances, a natural process, and like all natural processes it's bigger than we are, more complex than we can control, with aspects we can't predict, and the best way to weather the flood is to not have built a dam to begin with, because when the dam comes down, the village that got built down in the valley below it will get washed out.

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